Game with a purpose: The story of Anomura

Anomura already has more than 3600 Guild members and they are definitely worth the attention. If you to see how they use our tool for membership management, looking for an actually fun gaming experience, or you live your life in an ecologically conscious way, you may want to stick around for this one. 

“We are a game before anything else.” (Whaledrop - Founder, Anomura)

This simply means that they're doubling down on user experience. The goal is to create a game that is actually fun to play.

Wildlife preservation has always been important to the team, so they grew to be something bigger than the playground of Web3. The Anomura team is currently supporting initiatives for offsetting their carbon footprint, planting mangrove trees in Indonesia, and more, becoming the world’s 1st Ocean Positive NFT game.

Built on the Unity game engine, Anomura is launching a free-to-play concept demo soon where everyone will be able to dive into the world of Anomura.

The DeepSea Challenger: a great example of how to build a mission board and engage your community

The Challenger is all about earning $SHELLs! After connecting your wallet, you get to complete a bunch of different tasks and quests, while gathering more and more $SHELLs. The tasks are off-chain and vary from a simple "follow Anomura on Twitter" to more complex tasks in their Discord server.

The Challenger is super fun to interact with and the added bonus is it helps keep the community continuously incentivized to participate. It's a win-win situation because Anomura is increasing its social media presence, while the community is earning $SHELLs that can be redeemed for rewards like a mintlist spot, 1:1 time with a team member, or a charitable donation.

How is contributing to their goal? is here to help you build your dream community as easily as possible. We are ready to hold your hand while you are creating a quest similar to the DeepSea challenger or simply manage access to groups, roles, and content. Aside from being power users of our API, with Guild’s allow list functionality the Anomura team controls who gets access to their mintlist. 

“We have been using the Guild API for a while now, everything was so seamless, and we hope to integrate it to the game and the Challenger as well.” (Whaledrop - Founder, Anomura)

According to the team they receive a significant amount of new members from discovery on's explorer page as well.

If you are craving to hear more about Anomura, your wish is our command! They were our guests at our second Community Stand up where the team jammed with us and gave a little sneak peek of their game and strategy. Listen to the whole conversation here. Wanna dig even deeper? Join to their Discord server here, they have a free entry role to welcome you on board.

Anomura is a great example of how to keep a community engaged with unique quests and rewards. We recently launched platformless memberships; it is now possible to build movable social structures around specific user journeys and on- and off-chain requirements. With this you can recreate a similar quest experience, your creativity is the limit there. Join our Guild Quest starting with this video and read more about our new integrations here.


If Anomura inspires you on how to manage your community with join 3000+ Guilds who are using this free and permissionless tool to provide the best experience to your community. Explore what platformless memberships can give, and remember that is evolving with you so tell us if you have a new feature on your mind! Join our community and also stay up to date here.
We build the tool, you just have to bring your ideas to build your dream community!


What is

Guild started as a "token gating" tool and evolved into an infrastructure to build platformless memberships online. It enables anyone to create portable social structures around on- & off-chain requirements and build custom user journeys.

Guild's membership structure is best described using three primitives: requirements, roles, and rewards. Each guild has one or more roles which are the membership tiers.

Communities should be unbounded and able to move fluidly as a collective. Our goal is to build full interoperability for communities between all their platforms for sharing, interactions, and collaboration.

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