Our Guild is evolving

..and closed a successful alpha phase

Over 10,000 web3 curious people have created or joined 600 guilds and our developer team has merged 1929 commits on Github, in response to hundreds of feature requests or bug reports.

These numbers show how our space is rapidly moving, and also prove to us that Guild is a community-driven tool. All these incredible groups have supported us, just as we supported them since day 1.
Every essential feature, you helped us define and dream up, is implemented and battle-tested. Without these the project would not be in the shape and form it is now.

During this time we made the backend structure robust so these features can be scaled, allowing communities to grow and bloom with Guild. For example: The whitelist option is now extended to 50k addresses and we increased the speed at which we check if you are eligible to join a guild as well. (This feature turned out to be super valuable for Lens Protocol)

Our Guild = OG
Our Guild = OG

Our mission continues to be building DAO tools with the best possible UX, and our roadmap is open for all to contribute: roadmap.guild.xyz

We’re having a Twitter Spaces with Gaby and Mene tomorrow to celebrate the Launch We’ll talk more about what’s in store for Guild and there will be small surprises for attendees.

Thank you for your trust and feedback during alpha, the real fun begins now!

..one more thing:

Since we are on Mirror.xyz, we can’t resist to drop a super limited edition OG hoodie as digital merchandise. (Will be delivered on demand.)

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