Realize the earning power of your community
February 24th, 2023

Fund ideas, membership, goods, events and perks.

Many communities are scattered across various platforms and topics, it can be quite the task to create momentum for organizing successful campaigns and activations around ideas and initiatives. This deeply affects the financial independence, longevity, efforts and output of the group.

Activations are essential to build a thriving community -- and while finding ways to monetize may feel like a daunting task for people building genuine group experiences, Guild makes it easier for organizers to build sustainability into their strategy, without sacrificing shared values.

Some tools used for monetization are only available in a top-down, organizational manner. However, some of the best ideas come from individuals. We want to give them their power back, to fund their efforts with longevity by giving them a permissionless tool to do so. All we need is an idea, and people who believe in it.

Guild's solution: Composable requirements with payments

Enabling the seamless activations of different levels in every member's unique journey, making it possible to be closer on every touchpoint with members. It's fully customizable to what the community actually needs to achieve its goals and sustain itself.

The extended Guild Model offers the most flexible payment method out there, allowing you to combine payments with anything else in our ecosystem, monetizing through memberships, selling content, paid events, enabling crowdfunding and even some security measures. Set payments in any on-chain asset and offer digital collectibles to members.

True to the usual Guild methodology of making something that's very simple, still opening up endless possibilities, this feature can be used in many different ways.

Here are some ideas we could do with this:

  • access

    • groups:

      • requirements can be different based on member journeys even towards the same rewards. Those who have shown support early on and hold a rare NFT have a different experience than those who are new, they have different requirements for entry:
  • more access:

    • memberships: guests, general members, early supporters, contributors, and interest groups can all have different requirements

    • tickets & events: general admission, reserved seats, early birds, multi-season passes, VIPs for workshops, focused discussions and others

  • allowlists: pay to be on the allowlist and get lists of all members with specific roles

  • e-commerce: drop pre-ordered merchandise

  • crowdfunding: fundraising for communities and charities, activating a community with paid memberships and building a treasury

  • derivatives: claim a new derivative with requirements including owning the OG collection, following on Twitter, and payment of a fee

  • collectibles: distribute digital collectibles to remember special events by

What would this look like in the context of communities?

  1. A creator community can offer exclusive content to their most dedicated members by creating a premium tier that unlocks access to new resources, services, and products.

  2. A gaming community can fundraise for new features or expansions by creating a crowdfunding campaign that offers exclusive perks, such as early access to new content or limited-edition in-game items.

  3. An event organizer community can monetize their events by offering member tickets that grant access to reserved seats, VIP perks, exclusive access to the community and distributing digital collectibles.

  4. A professional community can offer exclusive networking opportunities to its most committed members by creating an allowlist that grants access to a private Discord channel or other focused discussions.

  5. A DAO or nonprofit organization can monetize their mission by creating seasonal memberships that offer access to resources such as newsletters, code repositories, project plans, webinars, and other educational content.

How to get started

Find the feature here on the Guild page, when you are setting requirements:

Join our waiting list as we are rolling this feature out gradually to featured communities.

Here is a video about the feature with a short demo included as well. is community infrastructure for platformless memberships and rewards. Create portable groups, social structures around on- & off-chain requirements and build unique user journeys across apps!

There are more resources and guides here. Join Our Guild to know about new features before anyone else and get the best ideas on maximizing the possibilities in your community! Have fun earnin!

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